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Ellie's Cosmic Gathering YouTube Channel includes videos on Meditation and Healing Fire  Ceremony

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5 sessions of guided Mindful Meditation, courtesy of the Allen County Library Audio Reading Service, Fort Wayne, IN



FREE downloads on Meditation, Vedic Agnihotra Fire ceremony, and inspirational guidelines for a more fulfilled life.


Clients say ...

“Ellie combines an exuberant personality with the deep wisdom and discernment of a wise woman. Working with her is always pleasant and joyful. She has that rare combination of being very organized and professional while also being flexible and congenial.” - NB

“When your life takes an unexpected turn and you are not sure what to think of it spiritually, you can count on Ellie. Ellie's life experiences, work at the Ayurvedic Institute and with Spiritual leaders gives her the wisdom to assist anyone of any faith to remind them that everything is as it should be. Her long practice with Agni Hotra can assist one in feeling a sense of inner peace and knowing that you are helping out the Universe. If you are feeling lost or would like to deepen your connection with "Source" Ellie is the one you should go to.” - AM

“That was such a great a wonderful total experience for me this morning. I have felt all day that I unhitched myself from some things that have been slowing my progress. I have even let go of persistent low back pain! Thanks you so much for what you do.”  - MM 

“Ellie is a dedicated spiritual teacher and mentor whose knowledge of meditation and Vedic Fire Ceremonies is a blessing to her community. Her energy for bringing people together is unsurpassed. -RL

“I've known Ellie for about 8 years and her ability to manage and deal knowledgeably with people is exceptional. Her skill set comes from a deep level of understanding human nature.”  - Dr BD

“Ellie is an excellent meditation facilitator, a leader in Agnihotra and fire ceremonies and a true spiritual guide. During my experience of working with her professionally and just hanging out, she does not waver from being one who embraces all that arrives with an open heart and mind to create higher resonance of living life to its full potential.” - EB

“Ellie is a wonderful spiritual mentor with her clarity, wisdom, sense of humor, charm and authenticity. Her healing ceremonies have brought true healing and positive change to our community. Her gifts and skills are invaluable. Ellie is a women, a colleague, a healer I truly admire and I can highly recommend.”  

- YW

“I could not think of a more delightful, clear, conscientious, knowledgeable or dear person than Ellie. Any excuse to have her around, take it!” - DA

“Ellie is a person with heart who is able to honor the essence of our being while still understanding the illusion(s) that delude us all in this world of perception. It is a dance of holding space that sets Ellie apart from mediocrity.” -SA

“I have known Ellie ten years, and participated in events she has facilitated. She is wonderful with groups and I always feel she really hears when speaking with her. She is a good listener as well as very accomplished in anything she does. - AW

“Ellie is a powerful spiritual guide.” -AB

“Ellie is a beautiful, compassionate spirit who lives in grace. To work with Ellie is to challenge oneself and grow into the person who resides within.” -DG

“Ellie helped me through the most difficult transition of my life.... divorce. She encouraged, supported and cheered me on. Today, I am a better woman, much thanks to her!” -LF

“Ellie works with others in achieving the purpose at hand in a deeply nurturing way.” -RB

"I love working with Ellie because she continues to work on herself. Over the 15 years she has assisted me I have likewise seen her grow and expand. Her trust in her own inner "knowing" has guided me to trust my own. The difference in my life is profound." -MS

"The relationship I worked on with you about a year ago has totally transformed. I understood our relationship totally differently when I looked at it as a soul connection to work with instead of a human drama. We are back on track and relating on a much deeper level now. I can’t thank you enough." -AR

"My life is wonderful now! I think of you often. You were one of my doulas, helping me through, birthing me into my new paradigm." -WK 

"I knew a lot of this information but kept blocking myself from applying it because of my emotional layers. Today’s exercise was amazing! I had no idea I could connect with someone else on such an intimate level with such compassion. Now you’ve given me a tool to use to move beyond the emotional to look at a situation clearly, then return to the human level to resolve my problem. " -MD

From Ellie: "Every client is a gift, sent to give me a deepened understanding of my own existence. From each of you who benefit in my service, I gain an equally precious gift of a renewed spiritual connection. Thank you for your trust."


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