About Ellie

Who Am I?


Bottom line? I'm on the same journey as you, learning as I go. Come along with me...

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Brief History


I've connected with amazing people who have introduced me to new levels of understanding.

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My Story


From exuberant country girl to a deeply fulfilling life, this has been an adventure beyond imagination.

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Who Am I?

Author, intuitive, spiritual and personal mentor, meditator, Vedic fire keeper, and Kriya minister

In  my late twenties I realized I am not defined by my human dimension.  Each of us is an ever-evolving individualized expression of an unfathomable Cosmic Consciousness.

Convinced that empowerment, meditation, and Vedic fire ceremony are potent transformational tools, I began teaching, leading public events, and now author handbooks and self-realization fiction. I sincerely believe anyone can find fulfillment in this lifetime by discovering, trusting, and expressing their unique inner wisdom.  

During my career in training, personal and career development, and motivational programs, I have learned from insights and stories of my audience and students. It is through life experiences that we evolve and deepen wisdom. Thanks for sharing a piece of this journey with me!


A Brief History

  • Human resource consultant and trainer, 25 yr
  • Founder and director of spiritual center, 9 yr
  • Inspirational speaker, 20 yr
  • Kriya Yoga minister, 23 yr 
  • Newspaper self-help columnist, 6 yr
  • Coordinator and moderator of televised political forums, 5 yr
  • Education Administrator and counselor of world-renowned Ayurvedic School, 10 yr
  • Healing Fire Practitioner since 1999
  • Recorder and spokesperson at 1996 UN World Religious Leaders Peace Conference 
  • Kriya Representative to Dallas Multi-Faith Exchange 
  • Mediator for the Texas court system
  • Author of spiritual handbooks and spiritual-fantasy Cave Time Chronicles series.
  • Friend, wife, mother, overwhelmed-frantic-whew!-recuperated-from-that-life-lesson-survivor 


My Story

Available for the curious and bit insightful of my nature

I am not really Ellie. Ellie is the "personality" that I use to interact with others in this lifetime.

Who I am, is a journey I am still on. I'll share a glimpse of history so you get a sense of who "this" is in this lifetime.

I  am reasonably normal, I think. I grew up on a 300 acre farm on the Kansas prairie where I climbed trees, helped my father birth calves and lambs, and roamed our fields singing praise and love to God, nature and anything else that could tolerate my unfettered joyful enthusiasm at being alive. I learned how to stand up for worthwhile principles from Mom and how to make homemade wine from Dad. My companions were three  older siblings, twenty-four cats, three dogs, and my vivid imagination.

I  put myself through high school by living with various families where I did cleaning, laundry, ironing and other tasks in exchange for my room and board. In my college years I was a nursing technician where I bathed, cared for, and nurtured hospitalized people. I also cleaned  other people's houses while successfully avoiding vacuuming my own. I  studied sociology and the nature of human relationships at college where I met an amazing guy who is still my husband after all these years. We raised two marvelous daughters who think they did a good job of teaching their mom and dad how to parent. I played at being Earth Mother (organic gardening, canning, baking my own bread) during their early years, and baby sat for other people's children. For awhile I ran my own business called Rent-A-Wife which was an entertaining early version of being a personal assistant. I then raced into a consulting  career just in time to jump at the glass ceiling. Sometimes I actually broke through. This phase of my life required wearing dark navy blue suits with huge shoulder pads and earrings that weighed two pounds each.

I experimented with any idea that seemed plausible to move me upward on Maslow's hierarchy of needs to the top of the pinnacle where self-realization beckoned. On this journey of trial, tribulation and miraculous cosmic surprises, I coordinated and moderated televised political candidate forums and public issue debates, mediated for the state judicial system of Texas, served for eight years as a training  consultant for individuals and companies while enthusing as a  motivational and self-development keynote speaker at conferences, and  authored a monthly newspaper column for six years. 

Somewhere along the  way I ended up severely exhausted from trying to be  super-woman-mom-wife-consultant-people-pleaser. I reviewed my life, re-prioritized with my family, and took classes on how to be assertive and set boundaries. Most importantly, I recognized my deepest life motivation was my spiritual development.

Once I focused on spiritual expansion, amazing possibilities showed up. Energy flowed through my life in direct proportion to my capacity to align with my divine source. I co-founded a human resource company with my husband which allowed us to happily coach and mentor individuals and organizations for twelve years. During those years I also was ordained in the Kriya spiritual tradition and then co-founded and directed a spiritual center for nine years. I also ministered a New Thought church for seven years where I offered hatha yoga and meditation, and taught from the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Tao te Ching, Dhammapadha and New Testament. Fate brought me the opportunity to be an assembly representative for the United Nations Peace Keeping Assembly in 1997 where I humbly mingled with 75 of the world's top religious leaders.  More recently I served for ten years as education administrator and student counselor for a renowned alternative healing school in the Southwest, while continuing personal and spiritual mentoring. Many of these opportunities expressed  simultaneously. If they had not, I would be 127 years old. Believe me,  my life has not been as easy as it may sound; it never is for anyone.

I have wept from facing overwhelming agony and wallowed in a darkness I did not know how to escape.  I have confronted my own consciousness-expanding demons and nudged a few other people along in the process. I've navigated into uncharted waters of evolving awareness and enthusiastically beckoned and sometimes pulled others along with me. And it has joyfully been worth every step  of the journey.

We  are no longer on the edge of a new consciousness frontier; we are up riding the wave into what is next. This is the new frontier and we are the ones who are co-creating it.

 Let’s gather together to ride this wave with courage and joyful anticipation!  Connect with me!

I didn't like this dress so I cut a hole in its hem. Mom made me wear it anyway. Lesson learned!

I didn't like this dress so I cut a hole in its hem. Mom made me wear it anyway. Lesson learned!