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Current Events

Tranquil Meditations

Learn a simple, tranquil meditation technique. Experience  a guided practice followed by silent meditation. Meditation assists with reducing stress, calming nerves, an increased sense of well-being, awakened intuituion, and so much more! 

2nd Wednesday of each month. 7-7:45pm. Nov 14, Dec. 12. Satya Beauty and Wellness Center, Fort Wayne, IN. Free-Donations appreciated.  

Fee: $20 Payable at the door - cash only!
To enroll, confirm here or email Ellie at CosmicGathering@

Learn Agnihotra

Learn to perform this simple healing fire ceremony originating from ancient India. Learn what it is, how it works, and the amazing way it empowers and heals people, animals,  nature, environment, atmosphere, and our planet. Scientifically proven!  Learn more here. 

Saturday, Nov. 10, 1-4pm. Satya Beauty and Wellness Cntr, Fort Wayne, IN. $20, payable at door.

Living the Gita: Series

Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita. The Gita still holds profound guidance for our contemporary world. Participants apply principles throughout  the series. Content is aligned with yoga, meditation, and all authentic  spiritual traditions.
Saturdays, 1-3pm. Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17. Satya Beauty and Wellness Center, Fort Wayne IN. $20 per session. Fee payable at the door. Cash only.

More Events to Come!

Check back for upcoming events and workshops held from September 2018-May 2019. Sample topics include Vedic fire ceremony, Agnihotra, Ayurveda, Minimalism, Writing and more.

 Contact Ellie to discuss your interest in seminars/retreats at distant locations.

Location:Fort Wayne, IN

Located on the conjunction of energetic lines of three major rivers, Fort Wayne is an enlivened community recognized for it's art, music, creativity, innovation, and spiritual endeavors.

Contact Ellie to discuss your interest in seminars/retreats at distant locations.

Event Options

Types of Events

Public and Private Events

Benefits for you and the community. . .

  • Healing Fire Ceremony
  • Meditations, groups and retreats
  • Healing Traumatized Emotions and Spaces
  • Clear and Clean Spaces
  • Manifest
  • Release the Past
  • Birth the New
  • Dissolve Unworkability
  • Minimalism
  • Relinquish Unwanted Beliefs
  • Dissolve Habits and Thought Patterns
  • Heal the Community & Planet
  • Support Nature and Lifeforms

And so much more . . .we can discuss your interests!

Contact me to discuss interests

Scheduling Events

Public Meditation and Fire Ceremony events are presented on a respectful donation basis. 

Public workshops and seminar opportunities to learn these and other universal truth practices are offered for a nominal fee. 

Distant events include event fee plus travel expenses. 

Spiritual mentoring is available following distant events and is provided at a nominal fee.

Venues can be private homes, yoga studios, alternative healing clinics, or any suitable public location. 

Private ceremonies and healings are considered consultations.

Learn more about consultations

Past Events

Monthly Meditations

Monthly group meditations support and refine your practice. A meditation technique is introduced at each event.

Vocal Toning to Release Stress

Learn vocal sound vibrations to create and establish an uplifting energy field. 

Intro to Agnihotra, Repeated Nov 2018!

Learn this ancient, transformational, practice proven to heal all lifeforms. Subsequent supportive practice is scheduled.

Introduction to Ayurveda, the Science of Life

Introduction to a self-healing lifestyle from ancient India

Unconditional Love and Forgiveness

Cosmic love and how to forgive in order to reach liberation

What the Bleep is Happening?

Time cycles, planetary energetic shifts, ascending through chaos

Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony Celebration

A healing fire ceremony to restore us and manifest new beginnings

Meditation to Release Stress

Meditation methods to pacify today's rampant stress

Where Do We Find Love?

Love is so much more than romance. Learning to give love allows us to receive love.

Yoga Beyond the Mat

Hatha yoga is only part of a Cosmic Yoga that unifies body and mind with our expansive spirit. Authentic yoga must move off the mat.

Full Moon Healing Fire Ceremony

A ceremony to support healing, inner peace, and manifestation of possibilities.

Embracing the Write Adventure

Flow Writing brings spontaneity and vitality into your writing, whether personal or professional.