PATHWALKER: A Soul's Journey


A soul's journey through parallel lives, facing death, learning the hidden meaning of love, and discovering joy and insight hidden in the deepest recesses of her greatest fears.   SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILS...

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A simple and comprehensive guide to the practice of Agnihotra, a Vedic fire ceremony for personal and planetary transformation. Sweeping across the globe!  SCROLL DOWN FOR DETAILS ...

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Munch your yard! A colorful guidebook to identifying, harvesting, and preparing edible wild plants. Recipes are included.  


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SMOOTHIES to the Rescue


Daily nutrition in one delicious package packed with vitality.  Healthy , tasty, and packed with variety. 


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Surviving the Winter Blues & Depression


SAD, also known as Winter Blues or Cabin Fever, debilitates many during winter months. Learn practical and enjoyable solutions.


Pathwalker: A Souls Journey Through Reincarnation

Fantasy Fiction with a Spiritual Twist


Journey  with Eleni as she unexpectedly emerges, lost in a parallel existence.  Suddenly, life is a blank slate, each step moving her deeper into unknown territory, forcing her to confront her deepest fears, mystery, unexpected insights, and astonishing possibilities. Her mission: to survive with courage while holding on to personal integrity. 

Eleni's journey reflects our journey as we face life's challenges and personal turmoil.

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Book 1 of the Cave Time Chronicles

"This is  the BEST non-fiction book I have read in years. I could not put it  down! The story is super engaging, Eleni, the main character, is so  wise and inspiring. The story of a community based on deep respect for the earth, for nature, and for each other, gives me hope in these times  of corruption, chaos and extreme unrest." 

Agnihotra: Havan on Earth

The first and only comprehensive guidebook on Agnihotra!

 This informative and colorful handbook, of an ancient and scientifically-proven healing fire practice from the Vedic tradition, is the first and only complete agnihotra workbook available in the world.  Written with the westerner in mind, for those not familiar with Vedic  practices. Filled with photos and encouragement to beginning and  experienced practitioner alike. 

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Solutions for our distressed planet and her living companions!

"Clear, concise instruction and testimony is presented with light-hearted encouragement."

Edible Weeds in a City Yard

Don't weed your yard; munch your way through it!

If we value a wild plant, it is no longer a weed; instead it becomes a desired plant in Mother Nature’s garden.

With a yard free of pesticides and herbicides, or access to an  untreated natural field, you can eat free organic, non-GMO greens daily,  enjoy a full range of potent vitamins and mineral, and gather plants  with no need to water, weed, or tend.

This colorful book includes photos, identification, nutritional benefits, and recipes of 11 common weeds.


Learn more!  Book Details, Excerpts, Reviews, and Author's Story 

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Everything you need to know to dine on 11 common wild plants!

"There's no need to garden anymore - my yard is filled with nutrition-packed dandelions, wild spinach, wild arugula, and amaranth!"

Surviving the Winter Blues

Reclaim the joy of winter!


Depression is debilitating any time of year. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as “Winter Blues” or “Cabin Fever” is a depressed and withdrawn response to the short days (decreased sunlight) and long nights of late fall and winter seasons.   

SAD is severely debilitating to some and an inconvenience to others, but you don’t have to merely tolerate it. Natural, effective remedies are available. 

Smoothies to the Rescue!

Daily nutrition in one delicious package!

Smoothies; a solution for health, vitality, special diets, and nourishment!

Regardless of your age, lifestyle, or menu preferences, a smoothie offers a customized delicious, nutritious, and refreshing treat, and it's guilt-free!

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"So helpful! This booklet explains all I need to know to make a quick healthy meal and most surprising is my kids actually like it."